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The Lily(washington Post): This dating app for Muslims is designed with women in mind

For young, single Muslims in the West — whose “white friends” started going on dates as teenagers while they were barely allowed to utter the word “boyfriend” — it’s hard to know where to start.

NBC News: On Eshq, a dating app for Muslims, women get to make the first move

A new mobile dating app is hoping to fill a void that many Muslims and millennials struggle with: melding Western social norms with cultural expectations found in their homelands.

A lot of these dating apps and websites are just worried about quantity and not quality. Overall, this app gives women the power to make their own decision.



On Eshq, women make the first move — a fairly new idea for dating apps in general. But Bahawdory sees potential for Muslims to be even more visible, socially and politically.

“It’s causing this shift of instead of hiding your identity of being a Muslim, people are coming out more,” she says. “Especially the young Muslims.”